Maurice Draine

Maurice, a former licensed P&C insurance agent with a 4-year degree in journalism, helps insurance and other financial businesses create the words that drive customers to their websites and keeps them there.

He resides in Minneapolis and has worked as a technical writer for UnitedHealthcare and Wells Fargo, where he created Medicare-related policies and procedures for three years.

Maurice used to own his own insurance agency and now runs Mastermind Insurance Copywriting to help other insurers and agencies with their online content requests.

When he is not helping his clients drive traffic to their websites and engage their audiences, he spends a lot of time at home with his wife Heather, their two daughters Gianna (10) and Mia (6), and Kandi, their 1-year-old Maltese.

Some of his latest publications can be found at Insuranceopedia and Benzinga

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